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NRC final List 2019

NRC Final List 2019 | How to check NRC Assam Final Result Draft Online

NRC Final List 2019 Online Checking ,How to check NRC Assam Final Draft or Complete Draft List Online 2019, NRC Assam , NRC draft today link,  Draft, NRC draft online check result ,name check, Nrc assam final list pdf download,nrc draft in,NRC Assam , nrc assam latest news today, 2019 final list, NRC Assam nrc list of assam 2019 , Final NRC reslt draft :-  Hello everyone !! If you are searching for NRC Assam Final List then you are at right place. In this article we will update NRC Final list which everyone is eagerly waiting for. We will include every happenings related to NRC publication obtained from NRC official site nrc assam .

So friends, Don’t worry we will help you in every possible way regarding NRC Assam online checking of Final draft. STAY Tuned and read this article till end. You will understand whole process and also able to check your nrc result.

So basically in this article we will publish :

1/ Method or ways to Check NRC Assam result Online
2/ How to further proceed  [if your name is not included in NRC final List ]
3/ What will happen if your Name is not included in the Final NRC draft list 2019.


NRC Final List 2019 – Why it is Important ? NRC final Draft List Publication Date

We all know that on 31st December 2017 Midnight the first or part draft NRC list was published. Many people rushed into online NRC portal for checking NRC Assam result.But many people did not find their names in the 1st NRC draft list. After that the state NRC team suggests people not to worry and published another NRC draft around 31st May 2018. This was the NRC 2nd List. The state government told that the verification process is not fully completed and so in the first draft most of the people unable to find their names. 

The third or the final List NRC is the list which contains the valid identity of legal citizens in Assam. The final result list of NRC 2019 Assam Draft will be made available to the public by 31st August 2019. We will guide you to check the online result of Final draft NRC through this page. This NRC Assam Final Result is the last and final result of NRC Assam. How to Check the NRC Final Result 2019 which will be available on 31-08-2019 is as given below, therefore you are requested to check the details of NRC Assam Final List.  


Bookmark this page !! We will activate the links to check NRC Assam Final list on 31st August 2019

Public can now view the results of Final NRC List 2019 as follows:

1. Those persons –
a. who submitted Claim as they were
i) not included in Complete Draft (published on 30t July, 2018) or
ii) excluded by Additional Draft Exclusions List published on 2nd June, 2019 or,
b. had any objection filed against their inclusion-can see their status of inclusion in Supplementary list of Inclusion by visiting their designated NSK/ Office of Circle Officers/ Office of Deputy Commissioners. The list will only be a Supplementary List of Inclusions. c. Public can also check their status online by typing their ARNs.

2. Those persons who were
i) included in Complete Draft (published on 30th July, 2018) and
ii) Not excluded by Additional Draft Exclusions List published on 26th June, 2019 but –
a. Were called for hearings held from 5th July 2019 onwards – can also check for their status as at 1 above.
b. Were NOT called for any hearings held from 5th July 2019 onwards need not worry about their inclusion status. They continue to be included in Final NRC.

Ways to Check NRC Assam Final List draft or Complete Draft Results Online | NRC Final List 2019 Checking Methods :- 

NRC Assam Final List Result Check Methods | Pubish Date : 31st August 2019
1. Online
2. Via NRC seva kendraFrom 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM on all working days.
3. SMS type ARN ARN_NUMBER and send it to 7899405444 or 7026321133 or 7026861122 or 9765556555
4. Helpline NumbersFor Assam : Dial 15107
Outside Assam : Dial 18003453762

Well , now we will going to discuss how to check NRC Assam Final List. The state NRC Team and official site suggests various method for checking Final NRC result. Following are the easiest ways for NRC result Draft checking :-

1/ Check NRC Assam Final Draft Online 

You can easily check your names in NRC Final List 2019 with the help of NRC official web portals . Perform NRC Assam Online check 2019 using net with the following website :

Link 1 :
Link 2 :
Link 3 :
Link 4 :  [All Links will be activated on 31st August 2019…You will be able to check your  NRC Assam Final list result ]

Note : You must check every website mentioned above to Check NRC Final draft result List . Because due to heavy load some servers may not work properly !! 


2/ Check NRC Assam Final List 2019 at NRC Seva Kendra [NSK]

You can always check your name in Final Draft NRC in printed copies at your designated NRC Seva Kendras(NSKs) .

3/ SMS through Pre-Registration about the status of inclusion of your name in Final Draft list

You can also check your names in NRC Final draft with the help of pre-registration using SMS .

4/ Check NRC Final Draft Result by Calling NRC Official helpline Numbers

If the above mentioned method do not wok for you then you can also your NRC final list result by calling 24*7 NRC Helpline Numbers. Following helpline numbers can be useful for checking NRC Assam Draft List.

  • If you are residing in Assam then Dial 15107 and provide your ARN number to get the NRC Assam Final Draft Result.
  • If you are from outside Assam then Dial 18003453762 to know about the status of inclusion of your names in  NRC Final List 2019.


Beware of FAKE NEWS : 

With the NRC updation process many fake news has been spread across social media. We request you not to believe on those FAKE News. You must note that.

1/ If your name is not included in this Final NRC list then it does not mean that you are not a valid citizen. So DON’T
Worry. Don’t Believe to rumors.

3/ Those people whose names are not included in NRC Final LIST will get some more opportunity in future to proof their citizenship.There is nothing to worry.

Some Important terms related to NRC Assam 

NRC Seva Kendras (NSk’s)

We all are now familiar with NRC Seva Kendras. Those who don’t know , NRC Seva Kendras are Help Desks set up in each district covering approximately 2,500 households by each NSK. Approximately 2,500 such NRC Seva Kendra offices are set up in Assam. The Seva Kendras shall assist the public in searching Legacy Data, issuing of Legacy Data Code, and in receipt of NRC Application forms. You can also Check NRC Assam Final list at your Nearest Seva Candras.

ARN Numbers 

ARN stands for Application Receipt Number. This ARN is provided to you when you apply for NRC Assam Update process. To check NRC Assam Draft result or final list you must have your ARN number with you.

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